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How does Satya (Truth) show itself in my life...Hmmmm....This is such a big question for me and it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll start with this. I have always been drawn to people who are able to tell the truth and live a truthful life. I’m more comfortable around them because they are real and not afraid to be themselves. I have known for a while that practicing truth in life is essential to living a happy life. I know that I want to live true to what’s deep in my heart and to live MY life. Living a truthful life takes courage and it’s scary because as I’m finding out, you might not always like what you find when you explore it. I’m hoping by meditating, breathing, and practicing yoga I can listen to my body and find truth. It’s there, I just need to be patient. I read somewhere that Satya sets us free to live the life that is uniquely ours to live and it will bring the greatest joy imaginable. I can’t wait! As always I feel so blessed to be on this path... I liked this quote when I found it - - “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” - Buddha Well I’ve started, I just need to go all the way!


Deb, what a great quote! And you are on the path...good for you!

Satya is a tricky one. Sometimes we find things we would rather not see. True of all the yamas and niyamas!


Email 5: The questions we were posed about Satya related to how we experience truth or dishonesty in our lives. I know that I can "feel" truth in myself and most importantly I am much more aware when I am not be honest with myself. It is uncomfortable and I need to clear it up quickly. Self honesty is very important to me because it helps me to know myself better. When I am aware of something I hear or read that is untrue, I must be careful in how I respond. It is very easy for me to act harshly or become critical of others because I believe that "I" alone know the truth. This response does not serve me in my practice or my relationships. My journey in yoga is to practice Satya with compassion and a gentle heart. On my mat this shows up when I practice something challenging but do not force an outcome or result. Physically I get grounded in honesty when I meditate and breath.

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