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January 07, 2010


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What did I not believe? Are you ready? That I wasn't a good enough teacher. (Whatever "good enough" means.) Ironic, isn't it? The thing I do best in the world. I even have a file folder full of thank you notes from students for the profound changes my teachings have brought about in their life. Amazing, isn't it? But there it is. I want to share that with you because sometimes it is hard to believe that others feel the same way. We all have areas in which we don't believe we are good enough, deserving enough, rich enough, thin enough...blah, blah, blah. Wake up to your inner self. It is lovely, amazing, wonderful and oh so deserving! Believe it! We see it. It is about time you do too.


Your post got me thinking. Sometimes I have trouble speaking up because I don't believe anyone wants to hear my voice or opinion. Your post makes me wonder what could be possible if I believed something else.


I love the book "The Four Agreements" and find that there are two statments that really speak to me often "Don't take anything personal" and "Don't make assumptions".

These statments and today's writing inspire me because I sometimes question myself and I think why do I need the validation of others. My intention is to embrace the belief that "I am truly perfect just the way I am" and have strength in that belief.

Thank you for today's inspiration.


Thank you for letting us see you. We see ourselves and others through filters and we keep the prickly and thorny ones close to our hearts. I have been struggling .... as hard as I try to cast myself in the role acceptance and love the director of my life movie is not always on board. I fear disapproval and so I lurk on the edge of trying - of believing in myself. Then... One day, for one second, one moment I believed in me. I made a decision to attend yoga teacher training... my life is alive - still scary and riddled with fear of failure - but now my life is ME not a movie. And while it is difficult - believing - it only takes a moment to take root and grow. In this moment...all you have to do to believe is BE.

"Use what talents you possess
The world would be very silent
if no birds sang except those
that sang best." Henry Van Dykr

Thank you. Be well. Smile for no reason.


As a Yoga teacher I work hard to inspire my students to believe in themsleves and their abilities. I do believe that I make a difference in other's lives and now, this year, I believe that I will make a difference in my own life by believing that I am the best I can be and setting aside all those "monkey-mind" thoughts that sneak their way into my mind and heart. This year, for me: "No more monkeys jumping in my head!"

"Happiness is when
what you think, what you say
and what you do are in harmony."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

May Joy & Passion fill your life.


Your posts are amazing! Thank you for sharing your stories. I am inspired...


I am a late bloomer. Most of my life I have not believed that I had anything to contribute, I have not believed in possibility, I have not believed in inspiration, and a myriad of other limiting beliefs. I am so grateful that it's never too late and that I have made many discoveries that have opened me up to the beauty and inspiration available to me. I continue to seek and find. I won't waste another second. The musing moments are awesome. Thank you.

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