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October 29, 2011


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So, one of my "grand gestures" that I have tried to implement for years is drinking enough water every day. I do it for awhile and then I fall away from it. My commitment, so easy, is to drink a glass of water right when I wake up every morning. That I can do!

So, what are you going to do?


Happy Monday Morning! I thoroughly enjoyed today's musing and I especially like the concept that we live life in the gray. It reminded me of the saying that "life is a journey not a destination." One of my habits that definitely needs improvement is to click the seatbelt before I start the car. I sometimes get caught up in the need to get some place that I'm driving and seatbelting myself into the ride.


This is the second time in 3 days that I've heard about making small changes in my life, so I'm listening and will go with it. I am committing to doing at least 5 minutes of yoga each day.

Sara G.

I am committing to 5 minutes of quiet meditation every day. Bring on the gray!


Yes - I love this! For me it will be a 5 minute run on my land each morning!

Dan O'Brien

Trying to get it perfect while working in an EBD program is a good way to get a headache!
I have been trying to be perfect about holding students accountable, find that one technique that will do it! Well, how about I take the new term, starting next week to add a structure (discussed with another teacher today) that will help them to know what is coming, and let them know how I intend to use the accountability sheets that are made and ready to go. The one commitment is to explain the accountability sheets. Right now they are not in the consciousness of students. Let's go!


What fun! I have been out of internet range since Monday so I didn't get a chance to check these until today. I love what you all wrote! Ellen, LOVE that is was your third message! Time to listen, eh?

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