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March 13, 2013


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So, how do I rationalize? (You must read it with your winiest voice.) I don't have enough time! I know, such a cliche in our culture. But, alas, sometimes my life is a cliche. That is mine. Not proud of it, but there it is. SO, what do I do? I make sure I do at least one thing that pushes me EVERY DAY. Yes, EVERY one. I do something that takes me out of my box.

Alright, I did it first. Now it's YOUR turn. What is your excuse?


My excuse (also in a whining voice) "I have to do everything myself". What am I doing about it? Asking for help. And that means asking directly, not complaining so loud and long that people feel sorry for me. I have an amazing support system. My husband, friends, coworkers and family always step up to the plate for me, but none of them are mind readers. It's my responsibility to communicate what I need.


Mine is a combination of both Laura's and Jill's:" I don't have enough time because I have to do everything myself". The antidote is asking, then allowing myself to receive (and letting someone else give). I've been practicing, and funny how when I allow, others give and help more, so that I don't even have to ask as much!

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