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March 06, 2013


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I am going to practice what I preach (now THAT's a novel idea!) and do yoga every day. Do I preach to do yoga every day? Not even! But I do preach that even one pose counts. I do my practice a few times a week. Frankly, I intend to do it every day, but assume "life" will get in the way a few days a week. On those days, I will do my one pose and it will count!


I have embraced daily meditation over the last few months, so I have recent first-hand experience in what a small change can do. I feel so grounded and calm. At the same time, my former daily asana practice has waned. So, my first item is really a "re"commitment to daily asana - one pose a day counts! My second commitment is to pause and listen at the end of every meditation session. My mind tends to be active, so I believe that ending on a pause (rather than a thought about whatever I am going to do next) will really increase my power to hear my inner voice.

Karen F

Deliver one sincere thank you each day ... A hand-written card, a call to a mgr to compliment an employee, flower/s to a friend, etc. We continue to say thank you at dinner time for whatever comes to mind (sunshine, snow, our dog etc) and that's been great (& might even help w digestion since it's said that one cannot be grateful and stressed at the same time!)


Karen, I love it! Thank you for sharing!


A short walk each night - outside! - even if I'm tired. Being outdoors and breathing fresh air is so very grounding for me.... Adding my walk back in will be good. Also, I get home late 3 or 4 nights a week - so I may well walk before I even go inside and "unwind" from my day.


Natalie, what a great idea! Not only are you getting the fresh air, but also exercise. Powerful combo. Thank you for sharing! L


Today I began a 21 day meditation series. It felt good to begin my day with stillness and a quiet mind. I appreciate what everyone shared here; I plan to work toward incorporating some of them into my days. Peace, Sarah

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