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Guys welcome to join?

I'm in

Michael, That made me giggle! Pretty sure this isn't just a "girl thing"! Come aboard!

Yay, Kelly! Welcome!

I am so in for this. I plan to donate most of the stuff I de-clutter. Yesterday, I gave a set of sheets and pillows to a gentleman who needed them. Felt really good.

Sue, fabulous! Welcome!

Welcome to all!

I. AM. IN!!!! Oh wait, that's 4 exclamation marks. Let's try it again: I. AM. IN! Looky there! I just decluttered! :-)

OMG, Cynthia, you totally crack me up! So glad to do this with you!


You can count me in as well! I've been meaning to do this for a while, so thanks for the nudge.

Excellent! I'm in. Thank you for offering this as a group project.

Im in with with de-cluttering! I am getting ready to list my house and have 18 years of STUFF to go through and pack and the same time!

I will be there with you. We're moving from a large house to a small apartment. Good time for it.

All for simple at the Rose farm. I started last week and I'm ready for group support and ideas. Thanks for inspiration.

I'm all for it

Day One: Well, I de-cluttered the top of my desk in my kitchen. My heart really wasn't in it, but I did it anyway. I have a feeling I'm resisting the shift because right now I am trying to put together my family's summer schedule which is causing me anxiety (I have three kids who all love different things!) My hope is that as I de-clutter, our schedule will unfold and smooth out. Already have the drawer picked out for day #2.

Sara, fabulous! And, yes, I see your schedule unfolding effortlessly with more decluttering. Keep me informed!


This is a great idea; I'll be taking it one item or area at a time each day. Glad to be joining you all; peace.

Count me in! We have added some of my mom's stuff so we could sell her house. It is driving me crazy!

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