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My breathing practice is my most powerful practice, it really bubbles up all the stuff that I am trying to clear. I working with a stop and wait breath by Richard Rosen in his book. It is fabulous! That translates to my life, I don't have to leap in and solve somthing, I can stop and wait....


I have found my breath anchoring me - on and off the mat. And I love it! Deep breaths are more a part of me now. I'm always reminding my students to breathe deep, long and slow breaths several times a day and let your your breath be your friend. Early in my yoga practice I came upon a CD by Nubia Teixeira on pranayama "may our breath be our prayers". It is a fantastic 9 day journey exploring your vital energy.
I read an Indian Proverb that goes something like this: We are only allotted so many breaths from the time we are born until we die, breath slowly and live a longer life.


My breathing practice has been a wonderful complement to my meditation. I am having difficulties with the different areas...especially trying to breath from my belly. I just cant seem to get it down there! I am hoping with more practice I can get it there :) I also have noticed that in my daily routines my breath is much more shallow and not so irregular if that makes sense. I have been sleeping deeper too. Hope everyone has a great week!

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