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The purpose of my practice has two levels. The over-arching reason for practicing yoga is to expand my heart, to learn how to give and receive more love. I only want to be more present, more authentic, and more fully live my purpose, my dharma.

On a more day-to-day level, I use my practice to balance my life. I do a more energetic and vibrant practice when I need the strength to go forward, more restorative when I have been going forward alot and I need to pull back and relax. I love using my daily practice to balance what I am feeling to bring my back to a calm center.


I practice yoga for myself because it centers me, calms me down, and it quiets my mind. Just today I had a number of things go wrong and my mind was racing, then when I got home I was eager to get on my mat and do yoga--for me. Not practice poses or think like a teacher--yoga for me. What that means to me is I did poses that would benefit me today and held them for as long as my body and mind needed and was aware of my breathing. By being aware of my breathing, my mind settles down. Because of the day I had, I ended by doing Savasana and Supta Badda Konasana (restorative pose) for a long time at the end. My mind is clear and I feel refreshed, wonderful, and inspired! I do yoga for me everyday for at least 30 minutes. Once I start, I always go longer. :-)


i, too, practice on a day-to-day basis for balance... as i have gone deeper into my own practice and self-study, i have also begun to realize what that means is recognizing the difference between what i "need" versus what i "want." as i continue to practice yoga for daily balance, it shifts my presence and my awareness to how i "show up in the world." i want to live purposefully and joyfully. practicing yoga (either on my mat or out in the world) provides a grounding and foundational place for me to go back to if i find myself out-of-balance.


The reason I practice yoga is to ground myself. I feel less stress and anxiety when I practice and set an intention for my practice that day. I have just begun with my own in home practice. I gave myself a goal of starting with at least 10 min 2-3 times per week on my mat. Every time I get on I end up staying longer than in intended and feel SO much better when getting off. I feel more aware of my breathing after I am done and more centered/grounded all around. I have found that my intention lately has been to "Let-Go"-with every inhale I "Let" and with every exhale "Go". I love the way it makes me feel when saying it and find that it helps me to focus more while beginning my in home practice. The places that a yoga mat can take someone are endless! :)

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I practice yoga because I feel considerably better when I do than when I don’t. It all begins with my back. Since I’ve practiced regularly, no more muscle spasms. I can feel the increased strength, flexibility and balance in my daily activities. It’s even changed the way I put on my pants – much more gracefully. On a deeper level, I have an intuitive sense that I’m growing in my focus, relationships, and my whole spiritual nature. I can’t quantify this, but it sure feels right and I intend to continue the journey.

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