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What a great season to examine abundance! Whenever I begin wishing for more, bigger, better, or faster, I remind myself that I have everything that I need already - and all of the people, and "things" in my life are my abundance - which is great food for my meditation practice! Lets face it - living in our culture, Aparigrhaha can be challenging. Distinguishing the difference between our needs and our desires can churn up all kinds of deeply imbedded patterns. Does anyone have a grandparent who grew up in teh depression era? Do you see any fear of not having "enough" first hand? Do you feel that you do not have "enough" of something? Perhaps love from a significant other/spouse/friend? Or Yoga pants (in my case), or time - or money? In what ways can you examine these fears to bring a greater awareness of Aparigraha into your life?


There are so many things that we can create abundance around, mine is warmth....I am really feeling the cold temperatures and the need to be cozy and warm. I have to find many ways to feel this, warm tea, hot baths, more heating yoga balanced with restorative poses.
Also feeling the warmth on the inside really loving what I do everyday and being warm and friendly to others. This is the area I want to be even more consistent. Being the warm and friendly person keeps me feeling abundance in love and warmth.

Paul Thomson

Great blog. Lots of info on Yoga. It has given me some ideas to improve my blog.

Yoga Retreat

As a Yoga instructor working in Costa Rica I have been following your blog since you used to writing on the blogger platform.I love your writing and the way you present them. God bless.


Thank you, Yoga Retreat! It is an honor to have been followed for so long...Blessings to you.

Joan (Yoga Beginner) Wright

I have been learning Yoga now for about 2 months so I know I have a long way to go. As I am in my 50s I needed something to keep my body supple. I am really pleased with Yoga as it is a natural and gentle way to exercise. I have found a lot of inspiration from this site. Many thanks.


Joan, you are so welcome! Glad you are enjoying this site. Also check out our other blogs: http://muselan.typepad.com/studieswithlaura/ and http://musasana.com. You might enjoy those as well! Have a delightful day.


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