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My home practice has been so great when I have been able to get on my mat. I have been struggling with some sickness the past week or so, but prior to that I was loving the fact that I was able to go anywhere with my poses. If I wanted to do a standing pose, then a floor pose and then back to a standing pose I could. I am finding a different strength through my poses I haven't felt before. I feel longer and more lifted when I am on my mat lately (especially in standing poses). I have found that certain times work much better for me than others and I just really need to try and hold myself to those times. I feel so much better about my day and myself when I have completed my in home practice!


E-mail 13: I am really enjoying my home practice right now. It feels like a journey that has no destination. When I get on my mat I want to let go of expectations and listen to my heart and my body to feel how I want to practice that day. Usually I have a beginning point but no idea where it will lead me. Sometimes my personal practice is inconsistent and that can be a struggle. My inpiration comes from my fellow teacher training classmates, our teachers and books. I also enjoy music when I practice. The commitment to my personal practice gets stronger each time I allow myself to get on my mat to learn, grow and play.


It has only been a few days since I left the first YTT weekend, but I am reaping benefits already. I am truly enjoying my home practice whether it is asana, pranayama, meditation, or reading something about ahimsa. I have found the meditation most challenging but am sticking to 5 minutes most days of the week. I have faith that it will come. I thought I would enjoy early morning when my children are still asleep but actually, I have found it difficult. I am too groggy. Perhaps I should examine my bedtime hour! I have approached this week with judgement in my mind. As I breathe, meditate, practice my poses, I am trying to let go of judgement. Judgement of myself, others, my food, my life. I intend to accept myself through my home practice.


I have found that my Home Practice needs to be in the early morning, where my "teacher" practice is best done in the evening. This helps to distinguish between the two as they are quite different in that the Home Practice does not have to be so "regimented" - it is much more freeing. Meditation is easier in the a.m. for me. My intentions feel right for me in my Home Practice, as I am doing this for me! Different intentions for teacher practice and that's okay too.


My home practice has been going great! I have been doing my poses faithfully almost every day. I have found that the best time for me to do my home practice is right before bed. I have found it is a great way to wind the day down and relax me and clear my thoughts before bed. I have been sleeping sooo much better as a result!

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